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Preparing Your Quilt Top for Machine Quilting

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Free Hexagon
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Drunkard's Path Block Layout Options
Hours of designing fun!

New York Beauty 

I ♥ Applique' 

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I ♥ Applique' Pattern


 Monster Coloring Bag

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 Hen Party Chick Pincushion 

Paper-Piecing Lesson

"SPARKY" the Unicorn made by Chelsea Stott
"Footsteps" to Successful Paper-Piecing <<

Mitered Corners for Borders   

How to pre-cut and attach perfectly
mitered borders on your quilt,.

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Instruction Sheet

How to Attach a Quilt Binding:

Binding Storage

How to fold binding and store it so that it will not twist
when applying to your quilt.


No-Clip Corners Tutorial 

How to turn a quilt right side out without having to clip the corners.  This method is effective when preparing a quilt for tying. 
Works well on pillowcase corners, lined pockets, etc. 

Corner Triangle Demo

How to sew a "Stitch & Flip" corner triangle without marking. 
Place a piece of removable painter's tape on the bed of your sewing machine lined up evenly with the needle.  Align a square on the corner of your block and stitch from point to point.  The lower point of the square will follow the tape edge and makes a perfectly straight line of stitching!

Rotary Cut Circles

How to cut out circles in a straight line with your rotary cutter.  Keep the blade going as straight as possible, and move the fabric under the blade as it travels.
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