Quiltscapes ~ Preparing Your Quilt

Preparing Your Quilt for Machine Quilting

  The DOs and DON’Ts

 DO  Piece accurately (especially when adding the borders) to make your quilt top lie flat.

  • Accurate, consistent 1/4” seams
  • Stitch length  -  smaller than for garment construction, but not minuscule (2.0 to 2.5)
  • Adjust tension to avoid stitches from popping.

 DO Take the time to accurately measure and apply your borders.  Some things can be "quilted out", however, you will be happier with your results if you take a few extra steps:  

  • Find side dimensions of quilt by measuring lengthwise through the quilt center, (not along the edges, since they may have stretched).  Take three measurements and average them to determine the length to cut your side borders.  Cut both borders the same measurement.
  • Pin  each side border to quilt at the ends and the center, then pin every few inches, easing in any fullness if necessary.  Press seam toward borders.
  • Find top/bottom dimensions of your quilt by measuring across the quilt and side borders.  Cut both borders the same measurement.
  • Attach top and bottom borders to quilt, pinning as you did side borders.  Press seams toward outer edge of quilt.  
    Repeat process for multiple borders.

  DO  Trim points and clip threads so they don’t show/shadow through your quilt top.

 DO  Press all seams to one side, being consistent.  Avoid twisted seams.

 DO  Make sure that any seams that end on the edge of the quilt are stitched securely as they may pop open when stretched on the quilting machine.

 DO  Make sure your backing is large enough.  Back should measure a MINIMUM of 4" to 6” longer and wider than your quilt top.  If using a thick batting, additional length and width may be necessary. 

 DO  Make sure backing piece is squared up.  Additional charges may apply for trimming.

 DO  Trim selvage edges off if the backing is pieced.  Selvages have a much tighter weave and do not have any give, which may pucker your backing.

 DO  Use small print fabric for your backing when possible.

 DON’T  Use sheets as backing.  Sheets have such a high thread count that it creates a very tight weave which can cause skipped stitches, broken threads, and leaves holes where stitched.  Sheets used for backing will be returned.

 DON’T  Serge seams as it creates too much bulk.  Also, serged stitches tend to pop open.  

 DON’T  Put a border on your backing and hope the quilter can center it.  There are many factors that do not allow accurate centering of a pieced border backing--batting, quilt not square, quilt shifts one direction or the other, etc.  If you need to add length or width to a back, add it somewhere in the middle.  

 DON'T  Embellish quilts prior to quilting (beads, buttons, crystals, ornaments, etc.)

 DON’T  Baste your quilt prior to machine quilting.  Additional charges may apply for removal.

 DO  Call to get on the calendar and schedule an appointment for consultation and drop off. 

 DO  Give credit where credit is due.  (Example -   Made by:  Quilted by:)

  DO  Communicate with your quilter regarding design options, batting, thread choices, prices, etc. to work together as a team and create the treasure your quilt is meant to be. 


At this time, quilts are being scheduled for the 3rd week of JANUARY 2021.
Call (435) 503-7412 or email deonn@quiltscapesqs.com to schedule a date.

Complete this WORK ORDER and include form if shipping the quilt.